Very clear & fine all day.

Rose at 5. At 6 with D. Οἰκονόμος, ― hottish walk, but slow, to Κυνοπιάστρες, ― where I was introduced to Sig. Villetta: ― it is curious to remember how I used to draw outside the house years ago! ― After sketching an outline of the pearl-blue mountains, I left ― tea ― [trout] & eggs ― was ready: & very pleasant, in the garden ― below the pergola. Then I wandered about seeking places I might draw in ― certainly Κυνοπιάστες is a lovely place. Then I called on a Mr. & Mrs. Μέξα, living in one of the Viletta Villas, & then at 12, with Villetta, & Μεξα, (οἰκονόμος went to sleep ―) we went in search of some pine trees ― those wh. of old F.L. & I used to walk to ― but we only discovered them after a long & hot & merry walk ― returning by 3 to Κυνοπιάστες[.]

Μέξα conversed sensibly about the “Protection[:]” he likes the English, but cannot understand their policy ― of wh. perhaps they have nil. At 4 we dined ― all 4 of us ― & very well. Οἰκονόμος came out strongly with the κρασῖ1 ― as a Ζοροάστrian or what not. Once in a way [sic] this sort of thing is pleasant: & anyhow Villetta’s hospitality & kindness is extreme.

At 6.40 ― we ― Οἰκονομος & I slowly walked home, ― that very queer bird talking always ― & τόιον! & πόσουν!2 Speaking of his aristocratic Epiroti mother’s severity ― he said she never entered into his plans ― “καὶ εὰν τὴν λέγω ὃτι μὲ χρειάζεται νὰ ἓχω γυναῖκα3 ―” she will not understand me, but rather if anything opposes me.” ―― very hot walk, & unnumerable fireflies.

At home about 9.

Letters from Ellen: ― & the Linnean Society, ― requesting to drop it the A.L.S. if I did not communicate science. ―

The fireflies. ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Wine (NB). []
  2. And how and how much! []
  3. And if I tell her that I need to have a woman (NB). []