Very fine, warm, pleasant.

Rose at 6 ― medicine.

Post ― 4 papers ― to the 14th & the Saturday: & 4 letters ― 2 from Julia G.: ― they had a bad passage to Syra, & stayed there a week: ― arriving at Athens ― they found Sir T. Wyse dying. ― From Fanny Coombe: & C. Cockburn on dear good W.F. Beadon’s death.

Worked at Grenfell’s Philæ, & got it back again to where it was. ―

Accounts ― &c. ―

At 12. called at Taylor’s & paid him 50£. Then on Mrs. Barr ― a nice pleasant woman. ― On Mrs. Clark, & on the Cravens: ― & on the Boyds ― (where was Count Savini.) Then back ―: ― & at 2.30 or 3 ― went to Ποταμῶ, & drew at Πανταλείμωνα till 6.20 or later.

Gave three pence to Dionýsios ― & returned by the industrious Maltese=cuppane=fields. But these places are too far, & it is now too hot for these walks. Τὶ να κάμομεν?1

At 7.20 ― Dinner: & now G. has gone out to Καστράδες hearing that Καραλάμπι is not well again: I doubt their rearing that little one. Col. Bruce’s 2nd Band is being audible & pleasant: but so is the big barking dog.

Penned out till 11.20 ― & G. is not come in: which makes me fear that little boy is worse.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. What can one do? (NB). []