Fine, but not so serene.

Did not sleep well ― δὲν ἐκοιμήθην τόσον καλὰ, [οὓ] καλὰ καὶ δὲν ἐξεύρω τὸ διατὶ.1 ―― Rose however at 5.40 ― & at 6.20 drew one more view of the Castel St. Angelo. ― Returned to breakfast at 8. After mooning about ― (boles all wrong,) drew a mule ― barrel=loaded, at the convent door: but biting fleas, & crowing cox disturbed. I have resolved to go home tomorrow ― for many reasons: want of money: a feeling of imprisonment; ― & having come to the end of one’s work here.

At 12.30 ― conversed with Dr. Roberts ― & drew on the beach, ― “shadowed caves” ― & then at 2 ― walked on, filling up other outlines to 2 miles distance, returning at 4 to draw the rock-scene ― wh. took me to 5.40 ― when I was “utterly outworn.” Παλαιοκαστρίτζα, beautiful as it is wearies me ― as only a mass of foreground after the first general views are taken: ― then it is so devoted to get swells, & so un=countrylike in its ways, though so untownlike in its position. ‘So I go.’ ― And leavin[g] Dukades & Lacones to other times. If indeed such times come ― for I truly weary of Corfû.

Towards Sunset, talk with Dr. R. Mrs. C. ― also with Mrs. L. ― who is clever & oddly=pleasant. Mrs. C. is fairy like & with many charms. I do not like to see her & any [D ] sitting on rox after sunset.

Meanwhile a placid female dog, having [brought out] 4 puppies, & they being destroyed ― she now roameth & howleth. ―― Καλόγερι2 are then here, but after Sabbas & Athos ― how can they interest? ―――― Γευμάτισα3 ― on boiled fowl & agirades: ― & read Holy Land travels: I would fain see the East once more: just now ― ὃμως4 ― I am covered with fleas, & sad.

(See, Back ― over leaf ―19th)5 X7

21st. At 11 ― determined to go onto the farther rock, to get to wh. I have failed frequently, ― & set off in my stockings, ― G. ― pushing me up or preventing my slipping ― & so, in 20 minutes I got there ― but got little but the satisfaction of “persistence.”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. I did not sleep that well, [not] good and I do not know why (NB). []
  2. Monks (NB). []
  3. I dined (NB). []
  4. However (NB). []
  5. The rest of this entry is found in the page for 19 April. []