Fine ― but gray ― An Earthquake at 4.45 A.M. ― not that I felt it ― but then as did, did.

Penned out a very little: notes to Sir H.J. Storks, Decies, & Miss G. ― G. Paramythiotti came: Greece he says, [wuss]; ― Cravens, he wishes to go ― having engaged the rooms to Italian Consul by the 1st ― I go to Mrs. Craven ― & am to get their Landlord’s to let them stay till Monday. Meanwhile I move everything into my bedroom & the passages ― & clear all the rest, barring the picture room. And, at 4 ― go out to Casa Candoni.

There were Mrs. W. ― & her little boy ― Fizzy ――: & Miss Ευφροσύνη Κυρκυμέλλο ― & A.D.C. Straham.

Walked back by 6.30.

Dined at the Palace.

These 3 were young men ― unbeknown to me. ― I vow, dining with Gov[rs]. is not easy: if one is silent ― one is dummy: if talking ― trenching on disastrous freedom. However, the dinner was pleasantish. ―

Talk of the Lushingtons with Sir H.J. who was at school at Hanwell ― with Dr. Morgan ― father of Mrs. F.L. & lo! Mrs. M. was supposed to be Frank’s father’s daughter ― whereby Kate M. is his niece!!!!!!!!!! ―――― I remained


as stolid as possible under this ― yet must have shown interest. Returning ― could not get in ― G. out, but he soon returned. ― Met Bruce today ― a bore.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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