Lovely fine again.

No sleep last night: that disgusting little ass walking about, & his dogs fleacing themselves all night. So I had my bed moved once more: ― the length & strength of suffering of this winter through this noisy house! ― Post brought a letter from Lady Waldegrave! ― & the Sat. Review.

Bad headache from upstairs noise ― so could not write. But I penned out somewhat.

At 2 called on the Decies, where were Luards & De Vere ― & we are all to dine at the Casino ― for the last time all together. Staid with them till 3 ― then to church. ― The New Genl. Always goes to church. Clarke said of him ―― “this General keels! ― I never knew that Generals knelt!” ―――

Craven preached ― & well. ――

Came home, & penned till 6. Then to Luard, & with him to the Casino. Extremely pleasant dinner ― the 2 Decies, ― Majr. Buchanan ― Luard, I, & De Vere padrone1 ― very merry by [rise].  Discourse of “Beef” & “Mutton,” ― which was best. ― Afterwards sang a good deal. The D.s & B. went at 10.20 ― Luard & I staid till 11.20. Home by 12. ―

Beef ― Roast Mutton ― roast
Boiled Boiled
Steamed hashed Hashed
Salt Irish stew ―
Steaks Haricot
Tea Broth.
Ox tail soup Pie.
Marrow bones ― Chops
minced veal. cutlets ―
Pie brains ― head
Calves foot ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Landlord, or master. []