Rain, & very dark ― worked a very little to Corfû A ― to which I know not how to do any more ― tho’ it is far from finished. Heavy & dull weather, eyes & head suffering. Wrote to Ellen ― Then


After which sleep till one o’clock. ― Half, or more than half distracted by noise of all sorts ― among the rest, of Mrs. Maude’s playing jigs for the 80th time.

I really do not see that staying here at all is possible. ― What then must I do?

Reading over this day of last year ― how alike!

ˇ[At 3 P.M.] The noise apexed in Stirling & some one else singing in all the howls of Hell. ― So I found I could not bear it, & went up to see Mrs. A. Craven, ― from whom I learned that the Politi first floor is really offered to them, & they have not yet given an answer about it. I afterwards saw Paramythotti, who again promised I should have the 3rd floor if vacant, & I wrote to Craven, saying this, & that I hoped he would go.

At 4 went out, & called on Miss Goldsmid, who, (& also Mrs. Naylor[)] are unwell. Then I saw Craven in the street ― & to Decies, who came home with me & staid till 6. After wh. I sate with the Goldsmid for ½ an hour ― & at 7.15 returned to dine.

Penned out Konitza till 10.30.

Noise again ――――――― ugh! ―――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]