Tremendous North wind. Bright after 10.

The morning was gray ― & stormy ― & rainy. At 10 it cleared, by a vast North wind: sea furious ― boats all nohow. At 1.30 ― Steamer from Trieste to Alexandria came in, but is now ― 2 P.M. still going round & round ― for no Pratica boat can go out.

I have sent up to Mrs. De Vere to decline dining there ― being really all cold & unwell.

Worked at the Ascension, [], & S.ta Decca views.

The sea was little calmer at 4, , when a boat got the mail off.

Result of the mail ― διά ἐμὲ1 ―― the Evening Mail up to the 30th ― & a very nice grave letter from C.F. chiefly about poor Mr. H.

Dined at 6.30 ― at 7.30 ― penned out till 10.30 ― [over] 1856 drawing of Corfû.

G. went to his mother’s: he is all put out by Spiro’s illness, & by the little possibility of arranging better here in Corfu ―: & it is plain to me they all wish to go & settle at Athens or Patras.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. For me (NB). []