Florence ― half day ―――― (6th day) ――

A gray day ― & rain at 4, but only drizzle.

After accounts &c. ― G. brought the Observer of the 15thPrince Albert died on Saturday ―as I had heard.

Letters from J.B. Edwards ― who is in the expectation of being ordered off to America: ― I incline to think that the best thing for him. ― From Miss Goldsmid, who comes on the 27th January: & from A. Tarrant.

Wrote a good deal, & worked at the buildings of Florence till 5. ―

Did not go out at all. Wrote to Mrs. Bergmann before dinner.

Dined. But G. had a fit of grumbling ―having been obliged, owing to a fête of S. Spiro tomorrow & Xmas day after, to go hither & thither for heaps of things. After a time he came into decent humour ― for he is always amenable to reason if kindly urged to him.

However, he went on growling again ― & went out at 8.

I set to work penning out, & finished the Temple Corfu view begun on the 5th & 6th. But as at 10 G. had not come in, I wonder what is come to him. At 10.30 I have done my work ― & just then I hear the Σουλιοτ enter.

I really do half think it would be better to cut Greece for the present ― altogether: for poor Giorgio as well as for myself. For he can get no other master while I am hereabouts, & I do not think his staying with me is  for his benefit.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]