Wonderful to relate ― the weather is perfectly lovely again ― cloudless: ― the mountains snowy.

Went to Church: crowded: a bore. ― Clark’s sermon ditto.

Called on Mr. Maude ― (the Forts were there,) & on Mr. & Mrs. Decie ― (friends of the Brookfields’,) & on Capt. Vernon.

At 2 ― came home, & wrote parts of letters to Thomas Cooper, Drummond’s &c. ―

At 3, walked out ― meeting Boyd & Baron d’Everton ― & so to the Casino ― the de Veres out: ― & on to Ascension, ― where, on the Platform ― fell in with Sargent & Woolff ― ˇ[to] whom I expatiated on the view ― with whom I walked to the One Gun & back to town by 6.

(I may be mistaken, but Sargent’s accueil seems to arise from caring for oneself ―― Woolff’s ― from a general principle of diplomatic or official be-the-same-to-everybody=hospitality. It is odd enough that W. reminds me of his predecessor at times ― a kind of fluffy shiftiness. Of course he is a Gentleman, wh. B. was not in any degree.) ――― Giorgio not in: ― wrong.

Went ― at 7 ― to Carter’s ― & dined: at first alone ― but then came a Middy ― not very young, who had been much in China, Japan, &c. &c. ― & was very “instructive” as well as “amusing.” ―― He was wishing to go to Albania, & had various discussions ― with the Waiter (who had been 15 times,) & one “Matteo” ― who had been 23 times. This last had had a padrone1 ― (one Tindall, who ἐζητισε2 eagles’ eggs ― also vultures, ― ( (but [principally] eggs ―) ) ― & who staid 3 months in Patràgik & Aetòs mountains ― but finally was drowned at Scarboro’ ――) ― & wished to go with the Elderly Middy: but the Middy had his eyes open & eschewed him, & arranged to go to Messoughè. ― So I came away. ― If I ever return to Corfù, it will be to portray all I can of it, & go = not to live here. ― So I came home. Blew up G. for sleeping in his clothes. ―――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Master. []
  2. Asked for (NB). []