Pouring rain & dark. Slept ill ― bed uncomfortable. At 8.30 came home, & breakfasted. Began 2 small drawings of Philœ & Corfu ― but the whole furniture upstairs is moved, & I should think 20 soldiers & 10 horses there.

Headache & feverish, ― & find work wholly impossible. What to do? ― It seems that the Bollands are unable to stay in their new home, & wish to come back here. So, as far as that goes, I could cut off, with only the loss of expense in sending my things out, ― buying some here, ― & loss of time.

About 2.30 called on amiable Mrs. Boyd ― & detailed some of my miseries: also heard Charley Boyd read some of my “nonsense.”

Then, meeting Sir C. Sargent, arranged to walk with him [at 4.] Called on the Bollands ―――: & later walked with Sir C.S. to the Cross Potamo road. It rains now & then.

At 6.30 dined.

Heard Giorgio read a bit, he has not forgotten his lessons.

There is no wind tonight ― (at least here ―[)] & the people above are quiet enough. As G. says “Come Signore! Credete che possono far più chiasso dopo aver fatto quello grande per 2 giorni?”1

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Why, Sir! Do you think they can be noisier after the great noise they have made for two days?” []