Florence & Turin Day 2

Perfectly clear & bright again ― all Amethysts & gold.

Worked at the Florence & Turin Outlines all day long, & nearly completed both in pencil. Grew horribly weary & tired.

At 4.20 ― walked out by the Alipu=Potamo ― upper Mandruchio giro. Clouded ― & S. Wind ― depressing & gloomy.

Against my will went & dined at Woolff’s ― Count Henckel & one of the Miss Curcumelly’s only. Horridly bored at dinner, ― the good-natured Counts incessant talk ― & Mrs. W.’s namby=pamby smallness ― & also W.’s fluffy zigzag talk.

After dinner came in Strahan ― & Mrs. W. played most tiresomely. Came away at 10.20 ― as they were setting down the Cards.

Really, were it not solely for the winter ― & the voyage, & the dread of London Darkness &c.  ― I would send the fact of expense gone to to the right about, & leave Corfu at once ―: however I suppose it is better to be patient for 3 months.

So ends November 1861

I hear Aubrey De Vere has come to day.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]