It was daylight by 7 ― & the long Trieste Gulf: ― at 7.20 we reached the Railway, & I was glad of a bath, & a breakfast. After which, I took a place to Corfû ― for 6£ ― whatever be the weather, it is better to risk it than stay here. ― But the irritation of a long rail journey is not to be got over ― so I had to sleep & X.

At 2 wrote this & posted letters to Ellen & Dickenson.

Then walked out ― along the Quays ― & by the sea, where F.L. & I walked in 1855. ― But, thank God, I am happier now. Returned, ― & went into Greek Church, & talked a little with the Priests, after Service ―: they have ˇ[2] good pictures, ― & when I said in reply to ― ἀπὸ ποῖον τόπον εἶναι ἡ εὐγενεῖα σας; ― “Εἴμαι Ἄγγλος”1 ―― they were (or seemed ―) pleased. ―

Dined at 6 very well indeed: & at 7½ think of bed ― for I am tired.

The day was very lovely after 12 ― & the sun set brightly: ― there is an expanse & breadth about Trieste, atoning for want of beauty=detail.

That autobiography of mine dwelled in my head a good bit,  to day & yesterday: to do it, at least, would “amuse” me[.]

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “Which place is your grace from?” “I am an Englishman.” (NB). []