to Munich.


O dear! what a bore! But boles & stomach are wholly uncontrollable when one is travelling. So I rose at 6 ― (Mem. I do not go to the ‘Maison Rouge’ any more.) At 7 to Station: ― (nice family ― leave-takings ―) off at 7.40.

By 8 ― (my time) at Kehl ― where to my infinite surprise & delight ― nothing was opened; all 4 [Gezäcker]1 being sent on to Salzburg ― if not Vienna. At 8.30 off again: agreable lady only passenger ― even & pleasant rail. Line of Badenhills quite beautiful ― ditto weather. Oos, Rastadt ― & Carlsruhe at 10.30 or 11. ― The cultivated aspic of the country delightful, & the [Ortim] tintz abundiant [sic] & lovely. Elderly lady turns out charming, & is mother of Count Wimpffen. Bruchsal ― 11.40 11.10.

Baddish lunch, yet agreable, with the old Lady. Walked afterwards & at 2 off again. Servian Countess & uproarious little boy came to our carriage ― a bore. Valley of Neckar pretty ― odd stripy dotty villages. Ludwigsburg, & at 3 ― (3) Stuttgard ― ˇ[wh.] seems a highly picturesque place. After 5 grew dark ― but we “talked away,[”] & at Augsburg ― grew sleepy. By 10 we were at Munich. I was sorry to part with the Viennese French lady ― who [in] winning [in]2 manner, clear & well informed mind ― excels most one meets. She has made the day a white one.

Came to the Baierischer Hof & supped.

It is cold.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. That is what I read; Lear probably meant “Gepäcke,” suitcases. []
  2. Lear has blotted this “in” and inserted one before “winning.” []