to Paris

Slept well. Day very fine & calm. Wrote notes from [8].30 till 12. Registered luggage ― & at 2, off in Folkestone boat. Wonderful old Lord Brougham aboard. Lord Harrowby, ― & a nice fellow & his wife, friends of the Crakes, & Penrhyns: ― Plumer ― having a letter from Mrs. Parker Whitten to Lady Denison! ―

Passage ― motionless & pleasant, tho’ cold: Plumer’s 2 little children a blessing to me. The Plumers are on their way to India, with Mrs. Hamilton Crake. ――

Boulogne ― 4.15. No bother. Omnibus to “Gare.” Lord B. in his old coat & bad hat known to all, it seems to me, by the attention & respect shown him. He walked all about the Restaurant, & examined the tables &c. Found the Plumers, who did not speak a word of French, & managed to get all together. The French are immensely amiable & pains taking to oblige us ― but it must be owned it is a difficult hustle. We all passed a pleasant Evening ― tho’ I suffer always after that passage. The 2 children were like angels. Train late. Paris at 11.40. Washing. No luggage opened of mine, except the Railway bag for form’s sake.

Pouring rain. Hotel Louvre ― by 1.30. After luggage came upstairs ― to bed by 2. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]