Dull gray, but not wet.

Maclean came ― & seemed willing to give up all idea of the Nonsense book in future ― & also willing to undertake a Corfû book. Then T. Fairbairn, Mrs. F. & 2 boys: ― F. was greatly delighted with the pictures, & gave me a commission for a 150£ Florence. ―

A letter came this morning from the elder Edwards, asking me to postpone my visit to after the 16th. ― As he had at first voluntarily [] the 1st, I cannot understand this ― unless it may be that James & he are not on good terms enough to have a birthday gathering. So I wrote to him, & to James ― & Mrs. Scrivens.

I think now I should wholly give up the North, & get away if I can about the 7th from town ― & the 9th from England.

Later ― at 1 I took the Petraja & Thebes over to poor W.F. Beadon, who seemed dreadfully ill ― but always vividly bright in mond. ― Later, a Colonel St. Maur called ―: he said he had a View of Naples painted by me, ― “wh. he had got from Lord Ward.” ―――

Having packed somewhat ― I went at 3 to Daddy Hunt’s, & staid with him till 5.30 ― when he walked to Goucester Place with me, on his way to Friths. He & I agree about the Beauforts, & also on Palgrave. He, poor fellow, is most sadly tried by his heartless & ungrateful family. ―

Came home at 6.30.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]