Wrote to
E. Avigdor
Lord Clermont
J. Edwards
Lady Goldsmid
H. Grenfell
B. Husey Hunt
Capt. Jameson
W. Nevill
E. Newsom
Adml. Robinson
Mr. Whitmore

Pitchy dark day.

Awful fog & darkness all through. Wrote or slept by fitz. At 4 called on “Miss Beauforts,” whom, however, after all, I scarcely saw ― it was so dark. They do impress me as other than very educated.

Next, called on Fairbairns’, ―― & drew for the children ― certainly most interesting all of them. Gordon ― Reginald, ― & Florence. Mrs. F. asked me to stay & dine ― & so I stayed. F. came in, with Daddy Hunt, & Bob Martineau. No one else: & certainly the dinner was as pleasant as good. ― The deaf & dumb children must be delightful. The stories of Dadd ― especially that of the folio of his friends all good likenesses, but all with their throats cut! ―― & his present picture of the end of the world!! ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]