Fine early. Very nice letters from F.L.E.T. & C.F.

Wrote to F.L.
Mrs. H. Hunt
& Mr. Edwards.
& to Mrs. G. Scrivens’s dog.

Worked at the Petraja but ill. At 12 came James B. Edwards, & asked me to dine at 7.30. We proposed going to the Z. Gardens. He grew angry at something I said of Miss L. as he was going there ― which I am sorry to hear. However, we went to the Z. Gardens, & walked about till it rained hard: when we lunched, & admired bears &c. At 4.30 he left for Hampstead: I for Baywater, ― where I found the Friths at dinner, ― he & Mrs. F. just starting for Leamington. Mrs. F. is vastly vulgar & flippant now a days ― e non mi và al genio.1 At 5.30 ― or 6 walked home. Beastly dirty streets.

7.30 dined at J.U.S. Club with J.B. Edwards. ― He ― as may be supposed, ― was “gloomy & distract,” as he had seen Miss L.  at Hampstead. I, however, repelled all attempts to talk of her. It was only after dinner, that, weary with his disgust of all things, (& knowing ˇ[as I did] how far love or ambition had to do with his failings) I talked a little  ‘moral’ ― & somewhat caused him to cease moaning, ― τουλάκιζον2 to me. ―

So, we left at 10.30 ― & I home. ―

I do not feel sure of going out to Oatlands, yet if I could do the lad any good I would. ― Rather I hate that Miss Lister for the present particularly.

Found a short dull note from W.N. ― who seems to me ill, or ill at ease.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. And I don’t like her. []
  2. At least (NB). []