Very dark & foggy early.

Letters from Ellen, Sarah, E. Drummond & J.B. Edwards.

Wrote to W.N. ― J.B. Edwards, ― Ellen, Drummond, ― Mrs. G. Coombe, & Mrs. Musters, ― to the latter, because I saw Philip Hammond’s death in the Times.

Worked at Oleander in the Petraija picture.

Just as I was going out at 1 came Caroline (Chesmer) Jones! ― & 2 daughters: ― a sweet kind creature is my cousin Caroline ― with those wonderful Eyes so long known. ―

They went at 1.30 & I went out. At 39 Upper Grosvenor St. I found both Alfred & Mrs. Symons ― & lunched there: ― then to the Fairbairns, where I saw Mrs. F. ― ἔπειτα1 ― to Drummonds where I drew out 25. & then by 3.30 ― to John Senior. Here I “made my will” ―― leaving all things not exceptionally mentioned to C.H. & F. Street ― barring legacies to F. Lear, & P.E. Coombe. ― Also I asked J. Senior about Maclean’s Book of Nonsense affair, & we decided that “pauca verba” is best. (Afterwards I ‘intentioned’ suggesting a Corfû work to Maclean ―― he to lithograph some 10 or 12 drawings, & pay me so much for their use: ― conditionally on his giving up all right in the Nonsense[)].― Returning ― got a Windsor Castle ticket, & oddly enough fell in with Roëd & his daughter, with whom walked to Oxford Street & whom put in Omnibus.

By this it was 6; & at 6.30 I dined at poor dear W.F. Beadon’s, where was also Henry Bruce. This meeting was sad, for poor W.F.B. was dreadfully weak & ill. Only Mrs. B.’s courage & sweetness made one at all happy.

After she left us, ― H.B. & I discussed & talked ―― at times violently of Williams of Lampeter & others. However, we did not quarrel. ― His view of C.S.F. is vexatious: ― of the De G.s ― flattering & perhaps not judicious. ――― So I came home: after walking with him at bit, ― at 10.30.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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