Arranged & packed. At 12 came Dalziel, to whom I paid 50£ for woodcuts. Currie of Lewes & his brother in law also came, ― but they are not interesting folks so far as sharing drawings go. ― Then Dickenson, who returned & took away all packages ― 21 in all to go to Corfu.

At 4.30 ― walked slowly up to St. John’s Wood ― & was met by George Roëd, ― who although 20 years older, is precisely the same truthful plain kind-hearted creature as ever. ― At Mr. Boothwick’s was the host himself, a portly & prepossessing Scotchman: a Mr. Wheeler ― of Manchester, & Roëds daughter, a sprightly intelligent sweet & extremely pretty girl, who speaks English well. ―(Fearon, whom Boothwick knows, did not come, καὶ δὲν μὲ [].1 ― The Danish Painters certainly  seem to be a happy set: all, Marstrand, Roed, Hansen, Sonne, & Bissen, are together in Denmark as of old in Rome, ― Kuchler only is a monk in the latter place! ―

Miss Roed played beautifully: & at 10.30 I came away ― finding a cab by fortune turning her wheel that way.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. And he did not [unreadable] me (NB). []