O bad! ― and such a day! All through, black clouds & pouring beating rain & hail!

Packed 6 packages, & should have sent them to town, but it rained so. ― Dawdled, & read, & wrote, but the least possible of all. At 3 letters from J. Simeon, who is to marry again, Lord Colville’s sister, I am glad of it; he is the kindliest of human beings & could never be happy unmarried. ― And from Jambo: dear good Jamie. And now I half intend to go to Littlegreen once more ― despite expense.

George Middleton came ―: that man is a good man: &, altho’ he says no, ― a philosopher. It is a pleasure to shew him paintings, as it was to dear old Col. Leake. ―― Walked with him to Warrior Square, ― intending to go on to the Fowlers, but it was late, & violent rain at times.

At 6 went up to the Crakes. ― Edward came, Mr. Harness ― & Van: ― & the little dinner party was really pleasant & jovial. ――

Dear old Mr. Crake grows far feebler daily.

At 9.30 he went to bed. Edward, V. & M.A. went to a dance. ― I & Mr. H. sate with Mrs. C. for a time, & then I walked to the Sussex with Mr. H. Vastly silly he is ― He “hoped the aristocracy would send no more pictures to popular exhibitions, ― why should they?” ――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]