The same superlative loveliness as yesterday.

And nearly the same destructive supineness & languor διὰ τὸν ἐμαυτόν μου.1

O! my Greek! ― o all things ―
O Earth! ― o life! ― o time!

Yet I worked at times ― on the 2 statue Thebes, & pretty well left it spoiled. Then ― (having read the Dodd family thro’[)] ― on the Petraija ― which howbeit I improved. ― Also I apparently finished the Schloss Elz. As for the Matterhorn & the Statue Thebes ― they must, I fear be put by. This deadly lonely sitstill application I can go on with no longer, ― & I even wish now that I had decided to go back to town next week.

[ , have]2 to say, I must dine at V. Crakes.

Letter from Ellen ―she is at Deal: & I am glad she has gone there, with her husband’s relations: he was so good a man, that she will always find her loss more soothed by being with them who knew him best.

At V. Crakes, were Mr. HarnessMr. & Mrs. & M.A. Crake, & a Mrs. Acres, a very pleasing woman, to whom I sate next at dinner. Dear good old Mr. Crake ― fades ― fades: ― how accurate & bright his mind is! ―

Mrs. V.C. sang later ― & rather nicely: ― I, two songs. ― At 10.15 walked home with Mr. C. & M.A.; ― & Afterwards, with Van & Mr. Harness ― who is 73 ―.

Moonlight, but cold, ― cold, ― cold. ―

― ah! alas! διὰ τὸν Καλογέρον τον Κερκυριώτην.3

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. For myself (NB). []
  2. Blotted. []
  3. For that Monk from Corfu (NB). []