Most perfect paradise=day! no wind: all sun & quiet.

Worked pretty well all day ― at Matterhorn & Sc[h]loss Elz. Letter from Manby ― asking me to Eastbourne, to which replied, & sent one to Wyatt also.

At 3.30 came Mrs. Augustus Hare & Mrs. Charles Stanley ― (Charlie’s widow,) ― a very pleasant visit. Mary Denison died in the hills ― when her father was away to see Lord Canning: ― sorrow indeed.

Dined at 4 ― roast fowl: but ale little.

At 6.30 walked to Hastings: Mrs. G. Scrivens returned ― which is a joy come back ― for her life=like heartiness is a boon. [Stayed] there ― & had some grouse & sherry. Talk of T. Potter & his life.

G. Scrivens is not well it strikes me ― at all.

Home by 11.

Send the Philœ Bought Photographs from Mr. Crake. ― O dear, I wish I could see Lina Denison before she goes away. ― Eh! There is little solid [belief] in meeting again ― or we should never so grieve at parting. ――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]