Rose at 4. Off alone at 5.30, & walk to Mongex by 7, where I drew till 9 ― & the car came at 7.50. At “Derby” bridge by 8.30, & drew till 9. Drew again at top of Pass. ― 9.30 to 10. At Villeneuve by 10.30 where I wished to draw but didn’t, & at St. Pierre by 10.45.

I rather regret not drawing those Castles. But I got to Aôsta by 12. Dined ― (Chambave an inferior sort of Morelle.) & read. Colonel & Mrs. Evans. Sit in the Gallery ― weather bright & cloudless, fine mountain air.

Heaps of English arrive. One ― nephew of Sir G. Buller. How green & blue ― & green-black the view of the poplars & mountains is! Went to Post ― a letter from Ellen ― very sad. Mary said to R.B. when dressing her wounds ―― “Ah! you must love me to do all this for me!” ―― late ― ah late! To find out there was love at all ― poor thing.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]