Rose at 5. Off with G. at 5.30. &, just above Marolla,1 drew views till 8.30. Non posso più.2

Doubtless, La Spezia is perfectly lovely.

Slept till 12. Dined nastily with flies.

Wrote to W. Nevill & sent letters to him &
Lady Waldegrave.

It is a bore, Martha S. being here. Made up my mind after some time, on my way to draw ― to go tonight by the Steamer,, an irresolution which made G. laugh, being so unusual. ― So, I came back; packed all, ― & then went to take leave of the Levers. & Mr. & Julia L. walked back with me at 6. ― (Met the Martins; )

Took 2 places ― & left, at 7, coming on board. The sense of loneliness was most terrible: & it was strangely forced on me: No Ann now. O God be thanked that my memories of her last hour are such bright & happy ones! ― Mary S. in the Hotel, & even then saying good-bye to Julia Lever was dreary. ―

I sate some time on deck ― more or less till 11: ― Porto Venere passed ― & G. & I made out the 5 terre of last year.

After leaving Levanto I lay down below.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Marola. []
  2. “I can’t any more,” but I suppose Lear meant “non ne posso più,” which is “I am exhausted.” []