Immensely cloudy. Off at 6. Rail ― 6.30. ― Flat, melons. Pinewoods. Pisa at 7. Hotel Vittoria. Very dreary city of beggars! G. & I out beyond the walls, along various hot roads to find a place for a view. It was not hot however, as the sun hardly shone at all. Drew, near the Railway ― vine festoons. Walk by various stagnant ditches. See great snake. Return at 10. The Pisa pomp of buildings are assuredly a wondr. Drew again by ditch. One naked boy embezzled & sank breeches of another naked varlet: and great row: ― Bought Photographs & back to Hotel by 12. A most offensive begging inferno is Pisa! Hotel good: ditto dinner at 12. Cameriere says Corsi is hated because “non vuole farsi Italiano” ―― “Egli dice ‘non puole,’ noi ‘non vuole![‘]”1 ― (wh. accounts for his name on the walls[)].

Slept till 4.40 ( (Lady Hester Stahope’s Servant, a cameriere in the Hotel: Matteo Leonardi, he says he left her to get supplies at Leghorn, she foretelling the troubles of 1848-9 ― & wishing to furnish Djonni with food for innumerable suppliants. But when he got to Beyrut, she was dead. He says she owed him 40£ which he could not get from ˇ[late] Lord Stanhope, nor from the present.) Came to Rail before 5, off by 6.15: & at Lucca, Hotel de l’Univers at 7. ―

Found letters from Mrs. Clive, Mrs. Bell, T. Cooper, & the Lpool Society[.]

Wrote to
T. Cooper
Posted 10th.2

Wrote till 10.

No rain until an hour ago, & then very little.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. He does not want to become Italian. ―― He says ‘he cannot,’ we say ‘he does not want.’ []
  2. Presumably added after posting the letters on 10 July. []