Very lovely early. Took the medicine at 4, & again at 6, but with no effect. Carriage did not come till 7. Long drive by immensely rich, abele edged roads, ― vine festooned ― stream bordered ― I. corn, hemp, corn, fig, mulberry & every sort of luxuriant growth. But it was a long jolting way to the Villa Mansi, & when there the sun was high. Gt. oleanders, & growth of flowers delighted me not ― & there was no view, except in one other villa ― & that blotted out by heat. So I drove back to Lucca, by one long long dusty way ― vexed & ill ― & lay down: ― taking some Citrate of Magnesia, wh. has had no effect either ― & it is now near noon. ― Irritation, sleep ― indignation ― botheration.


Once more I half incline to send G. back ― at any rate from Genoa. ― I had certainly considered the subject well, & believed it better to keep him ― (tho’ at present a comparatively useless expense, ) in order that if in Greece or Palestine I could have his services: ― but I do not know that I have sufficiently allowed for my apparently altered state of health, which seems to make me unable to cope with vexatious & altered plans & changed physical & moral system. If I send him back ― I shall pay him 30£ ― a whole year’s wages ― to give him the chance of a good master in that time ―― my last 2 weeks at Florence ― growing better as I was, & very constantly occupied, were of the happiest for a long while past. ―――

Dined at 12 but grew worse: ― XX ― miserable ― & pain.

Yet I rose before 3, & went in the carriage to the Villa Montecatini, drawing twice ― & returning at 8 ― & walking ― tho very unable to do so, on the Ramparts. ― Bed ― taking a gt. dose of Citrate.

A more uncomfortable day has not passed for a long time.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]