Hot & fine.

Scarcely any sleep all night, ˇ[& violent cramps in the legs] whether from the pill, or the heat, or the internal injury, I know not.

Towards morning slept. Rose at 6, coffee. Penned out some of yesterday’s work.

At 10 letter from Sarah.

Poor dear Mary also is gone! ―

She died on April 24 ―― on her passage home in the Chili! ―

O life of sorrow! Have she & dearest Ann met? ―

I feel ill & sad: yet I can feel nothing much now.

Wrote letters to,
John Senior.
Mrs. Bergmann.
T. Cooper.
W. Holman Hunt.
C. Fortescue.
Mrs. Husey Hunt.
Mrs. G. Clive.
Mrs. Coombe.
F. Lushington.
W. Nevill.
Mrs. G. Scrivens.
Mrs. AT

Dined at 1.

Medicine operates twice.

At 7 or 7.30 walked to the end of the Cascine; the latter part of it quiet enough ― but the first one a bore, owing to the immense throng of people ― however totally quiet & well behaved they were.

At 9.30 had 2 ices & some wafers & certainly feel somewhat better.

Newspaper came.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]