Clear, hot & fine, but always airy.

Rose about 6. The strain still painful. Drew a little at the bridge scene. Ate as little as possible for breakfast, To post, & after that, Pitti Palace: very gorgeous sumptuous rooms! But how could I ever have looked with delight on Gaspar Poussin or S. Rosa? ― I can understand & admire Titian, Holbein, & heaps of old portraits ― but those things are odious. ― Called on Mr. Lever, & sate with him: he is a remarkable man in many ways. ― Went to call on Spence, but saw him going out to the Lemonade shop, & followed him there. He is not A. N. 1 ― his manner are those of a nouveau riche ― or a German Student ― or both: his looks ― half Irish of background, half demented democrat.

Read C. O’Malley till 1. Then dined on a plate of soup & a small biled fool. ― Yet my pain goes on aching. The least food seems to bring it on again.

Read till 3. At 3.30 went to Villa S. Firenze, & drew all the rest of the day ― i.e. ― from 4.20 ― at the great view: the Vannini family “amuse” me, & are good humble quiet cheerful people. Crowds are in the streets at 8 o’clock. Had some supper of salad bread & butter & wine ― but brought it all up again.. Nothing will through me the right way. So I took a pill ― & slept finally.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]