Very lovely day all through. ― “Packed” again. breakfast at the New York: then walked to Post, S. Croce, ― & all sorts of places. At 10 saw a very large room at the Hotel de Ville, & took it: it is delightful: this & one for G. if the poor fellow comes ― 5 fr. if I stay over 2 weex. ― Moved my luggage there ― all of it, after I had seen the half of the Capponi house next to the Levers. Arranged my things, & at 3, to Spence’s at Pal. Giugni. ― Madame Schmidt his sister ― Marchesa Stufa his daughter [Spences own son]1 ― her husband, & 2 brothers: Gonfaloniere of Florence, ― another Mr. Spence, ― & 3 other people.

Laborious work at dinner, but got on pretty well ― the dinner also bad, but they were in a transition stage. Spence is a good-natured man, but hustly & odd. ― Left at 5.45 & was taken ― will I nill I, to his house by the other Mr. Spence, to see a view from the top. He seemed surprised I would not stay & go to see him always & continual.

Came to my new room ― & then really drew a bit at the bridges. Evening most gorgeous. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Two lines below, but connected to this point. []