Cloudy. Rose at 8. No use going to Lucca, or the Pisan Hills in such weather: ― so, better at once return to Leghorn.

Slow train: 2nd class: priests & monks. Vettura ― 1 fr. to Hotel ― having taken no luggage. Carriage to Montenero, but it began to rain. Hills, a sort of bare miniature caricature of Frascati, villas &c. A rather good Passeggiata1 near the city. ― Pouring rain before I got to the top: left the carriage, & walked to the church. Amable little man borrowed umbrella for me. Pouring rain all the way back, shut up.

Read Woman in White2 till 5. Table d’hôte. Mr. Moore, who is related to Beaumont of Warrington, a young man full of various talent & acquirements, & I dare say companionable, but nowise as gentlemanly by nature as Forwood. It is odd enough to fall in  so with 2 Lancashire men in this short tour. He went at 7. I strolled about the dim damp gloomy docks till 8.

Old Albanian dog at Hotel.

Send G.’s name & messages tomorrow.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Walk. []
  2. Wilkie Collins’s novel had been published in book form in 1860. []