Very fine ― warm.

S.W. Clowes.
W. Evans.
Mr. S. Bradshaw
Mrs. S. Bradshaw.
Dr. Henry
Mrs. Henry
Archibald Peel
Earl of Durham.

Took up carpets.

Finished ― in a way, ― the Cedar drawing ― possibly for E. Clive. Anyhow ― put away all drawing & painting, which, with my connexion of multiplicities, is wholly impossible in May of London.

Dunque, non v’è altro a far.1

The first visit was jovial & friendly.

The 2nd was sedate & surprising.

The 3rd was aristocratic & incomprehensible.

At 5 I went to Foord’s, & to Sir W. James ― & back, making calls. Then at 7.30 to Fairbairn’s. ― (Intanto2F.L. had called.)

The evening as well as dinner were delightful: constant converse of a good order. Mrs. F. is, as Daddy had described her ―a kind of Emily Tennyson.

Daddy’s Two Gentlemen of Verona was on the walls ― & what a picture!!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. So then, there’s nothing else to do. []
  2. Meanwhile. []