Warmer, darker, damper.


Saw in the papers, 2 “events.” C. Newton’s marriage to Mary Severn. And the death of

“Eliza A. Vigors, aged 65, widow of the late N.A. Vigors, [Sqr.] M.P. at her brother in law’s home, James Keymer ― Dartford.”

Poor Mrs. V.! a sad life hers! ― Bye the bye she is the original of my story of “is it your boles you’re neglecting ― you bad buold boy! your boles, wh. ought to be the chiefest care of your life, & yere been & aten eet & twenty orrnges before bkfast! ―” ― but she must have been 75 ― for Ferdinand is nearly 50.

Mrs. North
Catherine North.
Caarl Haag.
F. Cary.
Lady Farquhar
Miss North | after I was out
Mrs. Marsh |

Painted by fits at the Cedars till 4.30 ― when I walked to the Zoological Gardens ― where I dined on ’am & bread, & saw the “Bore constructor” eat rabbits & dux.

Walked home by 8.30.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]