Fine ― dry again.

At 11 came Mr. & Mrs. EvansMiss Gisborne, & one “Contine.”

Later ― H. Mildmay, & Sybella Clive.

Ἔπειτα,1 William Nevill.

At 4 I walked to Lady James’s, & to Millais’s, leaving cards, & to Col. Hornby’s: ― Lady Denison has returned.

Dress, ― & to Sir F. Goldsmid’s ――

Lady G. ― Miss ? a sculptress ―― Mrs. Montagu, & Mrs. Proctor, whom I like ― indeed all the women. ― One man only ― a Mr. Drake, or Drax: vulgar piuttosto, but lively. ― R.F. Burton is married ― says Mrs. Proctor. Lady G. is extremely charming & pleasant: ― later, talking of Miss ? (the sculptress ―) I most stupidly said “something about her eyes prevents her being handsome.” ― Now, Lady G.’s eyes are not good, ― & I was disgusted with my folly. After dinner I could not help singing ― as lady G. asked me ―: “Drax” evidently hated music. ―

At last, singing Love & Death ― he burst out at the end ― “the Ass between the 2 bundles of Hay!” for which I delighted in him.

But it seems I have fallen into cœrulæan lands. ― Andiam.2

Returning home at 11: ― George Middleton overtook me. ―

JUNE. 29. 1861.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Then []
  2. “Let’s go!” or “come on.” []