Very fine ― cloudless ― & not cold.

Letters from ET. ― The Weld affair is ὦς ηξοχασθώμην from Mrs. Beadon ― bad account of W.F.B. & C. Church.

Really (!!!!!!) set to work, & did “pink” touches all over the Damascus by fits ―but whether it be better or worse I know not.

At 2 “Archie” Peel came: kindly nice heart: “I have another kid!” said he.

At 4 I went out & called on Lady Goldsmid, ― Mrs. Peel, Mrs. Leake ― & then Mrs. C. Stanley ― & Mrs. Buxton.

(I met poor Mr. Granville Vernon ― has aged & saddened![)]

& Mrs. Bruce ― & Mrs. G. Clive: all out. ―

Met [Bontein]: ― days of Malta. Also, Count de Paris, ― smoking a cigar, just in the narrow boarded bit of house repairing opposite [Bakeley] St. in Piccadilly. Not content with recognizing me, he walked back as far as Arlington St. & then, as I told him I had lost my sister, he went back. He is undoubtedly the nicest youth ˇ[(of that “alto rango”)]1 I have known for many a long day. He says the Queen is not so ill.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. High rank. []