I am writing this at 10 ― Jemmy ― (who is supposed to be unwell,) screaming in the next room ― Helen practising below ― (scales,) & Mary on the other side.

One day of this house is enough ― basta1 I live thro’ it! ― Breakfast at 8 ― but hurried ― & piggish: it is wonderful to me how people can live so, taking no care of the very days of boyhood & girlhood that make all their future life good or evil. Letters from Sarah, from J. Edwards, & dear good Giorgio. ―― But that little pickle roars so ― I cannot go on. ―

Wrote to Sarah. Her life is sad enough too.

After walking a bit in the garden with Sir J.R., I went to the post, & to Charles Gale at 11 & sate with him till 12. ― Then to Mrs. Williams, where I sate looking at drawings with her & Miss W. ― poor dear sorrowful people, ― till 1. Then to Sir James’s again: lunch. These children want regularity of discipline… ― coraggio!2 ― tomorrow comes a kind of freedom. ― I see that I could not live here at all: ― & I think I will look at Bath, & Torquay.

(Pantaleoni is exiled from Rome.) After lunch, we called on Mrs. Dalzell, a shrewd nice old Scotch Lady ― & then (Sir J. & I,) walked to Charlton ― where we saw the village & church, ― & so back to Cheltenham by 5. At 6.30 dinner. Mr. & Mrs. McDonald, Miss Johnson, & a Miss Carter, & Mrs. Savory ― (Mrs. Dalzell’s daughter.) The dinner was hearty & good ― & one need not complain. ―

Sang a good deal.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Provided (I manage to). []
  2. Courage! []