Dull, gray ― & showery at times, but not cold.

Letter from Mrs. Clive. Sybille is engaged to be married to Mildmay, the ˇ[other] member for Herefordsh.  I am really pleased. ― This, & feeling myself better from the medicine, made me more lively, ― but the effect of the medicine is gone, ― & the “stoppage” remains as before. At 9 Francillon went to his court, ― “Well Sir” “good-bye sir, I hope you will come & see us again Sir!” was what he said; but I believe he is really a kind good man. ― At 11.30, I left Lucy F. warm-hearted good Lucy ― & Robt.: ― & came away to Tivoli Lawn. ―― Scene changes. Good kind Sir J. & Lady Reid. ― a grand daughter of Sir W. Jardine’s ― (!)― & the children. Helen, still a pet, but grown clever. Mary, apparently awkward & childish. ― James, wild & snubbed. Robt. Clever & foolish & pest. ― John, gentle & not quite filial to my taste either of them. ― Hearing that Mrs. Williams was here, I went to call on her, (& met Miss Williams,) I found her recovered from illness. The Corfu, St. Maura, & Barbadoes drawings! ― came away, & then with Sir James R. “pottered” for 2 hours: also going over the College, with John R. & his father. ― A walk by the Park ― brought us back at 5. Dinner 6.30. Alack! ― Miss Williams ― Miss Maxwell, & the 2 boys. O cubbabini! ――

“Is this the end?” ――― O dear me!

They talked, these 2 boys ― & jeered ― & interrupted & jawed, & fooled, & contradicted ― come non si può credere.1 Tea. ― & some singing. ― Prayers ― short & good afterwards. But the inelegant & insubordinate levity of the boys disgusts me. ― Ἃς δὲν ἣθελεν ἐλθῆν!2 ― One day more ― . ―

Yet I am less well: ― ˇ[in] body ― as in mind.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. So much, one can’t believe it. []
  2. Wish it wasn’t come (NB). I suppose Lear meant “I wish I had not come.” []