C. Church is going to get married: ― a comfort.

O sad day! Yet how fine & like summer!

I could not work, but went at once to Ann’s ―

She seems to sink: no nourishment stays. ― Dear dear Ann! Always joyous at seeing me ― “my precious!” yet somehow clearer & distincter in mental life. ― Ellen ― poor thing ― seems sadly unable to bear up ― & ˇ[this is] not to be wondered at.

Then I went to the Doctor’s, & waited till he had been to see her & had returned. “We are losing ground,” he said: & explained that the inside not acting, occasioned the rejection from the stomach ― & that continually weakened the poor dear, worn by pain ― & sleepless. ― He agreed to call in Lawrence. ― & I left ― & home. (Mrs. Andrè was at the door, but I could not speak.) ― Wrote many letters. E. Rimbault came. Walking to & fro, at last, at 3.30 I set out again, & walked to 20 Stonefeld St. Ellen was out. Dear Ann had been worse ― more sick. I sate with her. Her clearness, & boldness in dying ― how glorious! She repeats ― “Eye hath not seen ―[her]” Sometimes she spoke suddenly ―”what a blessing you are here! ― not among the Arabs!” ― & again ― when I held the basin for her ―as soon as she could speak ― “O my love! How disagreeable for you! How sorry I am!” ―― & “bless you my dear Edward! what a comfort you have been to all my ˇ[your] life!! ―”

At 5 I came away: Ellen owned she could not sit up, so I went to the Doctors & begged him to send a good nurse. ― Then I walked home. ――

Dined at Sir F. Goldsmid’s: particularly pleasant & sensible & cheery party. ― Lady G. is a ‘singularly’! clean Jewess ― & really charming.

I came away at 10.30.

Ἒχασα πάσης σωτερίας λιμένα!1 ――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. I lost every harbour of salvation (NB). []