Restless; rose early. Doctor’s letter, Ann ― dear Ann ― passed a worse night as to the head, ― but the sickness has dimished a little, & she has taken some nourishment.

I worked a little at the camels in Beirût ― but people came: first.

Sophy Bergmann
Parry Crooke.
Franklin Gould.
Fanny Coombe
Laura Coombe.
Mary Ann North
Miss Norman.

Latterly I painted a little again, but at 4 I went to Burlington in an Omnibus.

Ellen was at Ann’s; ― then I saw dear Ann: ― her pain is dreadful. But she never swerves in the least iota from cheerfulness, affection ― patience. Kind words to myself ― & of Ellen, ―& of Sophy Bergmann were the few she spoke: ― but the sickness seemed to come on, so I could not stay ― for exciting her is the worst thing at present.

O! O!      O! O! O! O!

I wrote a short line to Sarah: & then walked slowly ― by 6.30 to Sophy Bergmanns.

There wise Mr. Taylor ― (who married Harriett Waddilove,) remarried, & the new Mrs. Taylor ― & a Miss Proctor.

Somehow I got thro’ the evening: but was at home before 11.

I wrote to Sarah, & wish she could come.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]