Quite too dark to work, drew nonsenses:

Mrs. W. Tottie.
Miss Tottie.
Mrs. Beadon.
Elizth. Beadon.
Mary Ann Crake
Mrs. Bishop
Mrs. ? ―
Lord Somers

who1 staid till 4 ― talking a good deal. The criticisms, tho’ wanting in many points, are always ― or nearly always, worth attending to. He is very unhappy & restless ― & I fear will not be less so poor fellow. ―

At 4.30 I went to the Marylebone ˇ[H. St.] & bought some flowers for Ann, ― & then to her in a cab.

She is suffering sadly ― from this gathering in the back of her neck, poor dear.

After I left her, I went to her Doctor ― (Mr. Rose, Trinidad Place, Liverpool Road,) & saw him.

He says, if the swelling does not spread upward, & as yet there does not seem a tendency to do so, it will come right, ― tho’ giving much trouble & pain. But as yet, he says, he cannot tell if an incision will be necessary. ― It seems very sad that poor dear Ann should suffer so. ― I wish Ellen were with her.

So I came back.

At 7 to W. Beadons: only Col. [Carden] there. Mr. B. very unwell. Col. C. is a very wooden & tiresome man ― tho’ I dare say very good. ―

‘Στὰς δέκα σ’το σπῆτι.2

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Connected to “Lord Somers.” []
  2. Home at ten (NB). []