Fine, windy, ― gleamy-cloudy-showry. ―

Rose at 7 ― & cabbed to Foord’s, with a note also to leave at Sir F. Goldsmids.

At 9 Dickenson came & took away the old Civitella.

Did no work all day: sleepy. I remember debating, in Rome, as to if I shall ask 40£ or 50£ for that picture!

It appears to me that I shall then be enabled to make a Greek tour, if no other. ―

W. Raleigh
Mr. Morier
Mr. Sayer
Mrs. Sayer
Mrs. Shakespear
Mrs. Percy Coombe
Mr.? Percy Coombe

No one came later, till 4 when lo! Mr. Bell. ― kind old friend. After he went, I at 5.30 walked to John Goulds ― at 6. ― Γεύμα φαμιλιατικὸν.1 Miss Yates (― governess)  Miss Gould (Elizabeth.) Miss Sarah, & Miss Louisa: & the youngest (Australian) son ― Franklin. The evening was pleasant on the whole, & I did as much as I could to make it so. Afterwards, I sang a good many Tennyson’s. ―

Ἐνθημήθης τόσων ἡμέρων.2

᾽Στὸ σπῆτι διὰ ἓνδεινα, καί κουρασμένος πολὺ.3

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Family dinner (NB). []
  2. Remembered all those days (NB). []
  3. Home for shelter, and very tired (NB). []