Fine. ― After breakfast, J.B.E. came ― & thereby lots of talk. He has really thrown up his appointment, &, as the Hunter’s have their house full, will go to Lpool tomorrow. He seems to hesitate about Corfû & Aldershot ―: I think, if the thing is to be broken off ― the furthest ˇ[off] he goes & ˇ[for] the longer time ― the better. It is a miserable affair altogether.

After he went came C. Fortescue: ― & after him, the Fergusson: who looked at pictures & sketches for an hour. Worked ― but only by fits at the Cedars. I greatly wish I were away, & had some thorough change.

Then restessness: sleep. X. X

Later, worked a little: & at 4.30, came Mrs. J. Godley ― (& Dennis Godley,). ― But I did not go out at all, ― morning up & down the rooms, & I wish I had music of some sort to play.

So I dined at home on cold beef & beer. Came letters ― (wh. I answered,) from Leycester Penrhyn: ― Mr. Penrhyn is dying, ― it was in 1835 ― 26 years ago ― he took me to Ireland.

And from Mrs. Clive ―――― Maria Cosway has a daughter. ―

Poor James Edwards’ affairs make me sad. And my own ain’t particular shiny.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]