Perfectly dark ― if darkness be perfection.

Intanto1 ― this drives me wild.

Work being impossible, I went in a cart to Foords, Bickers, & Robersons.

Pouring rain. Came back & worked a little at Beirut. Slept.


Col. Hornby came: ― it is sad to see him, so aged, & so unoccupied. Penrhyn I fear is dying. ―

Later, James Edwards ― who is in better phase. He has been to Lady T. Leavis ― & is to go to Lady Palmerston’s to night. All this is right, as he has decided to stay here. I cannot altogether make out Miss L.’s views towards him ― or probably she can’t herself: yet I suppose by all this, that they give him a chance willingly.

Dined at the W. Beadons ― only W.F.B., & Mrs. B. he is sadly ill. She, better than usual. ―

He is also greatly excited & angry at times, & one sees that she suffers in many ways. ―

Small annoyances have had little hold on me lately, ― but a twice sent bill is one, ― & such came in to day. But I found it paid in Hansen’s book ― luckily. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Meanwhile. []