(Didn’t know it was [Ash Wednesday]1 until I saw salt fish.)

A very brutal day. Riz ― to find a coat of snow over all things. After which, a deadly thick fog ― so dark that all work was nonplussed. ― So I drew Nonsenses ― till tired, ― at 2 or 3 ― fell asleep.

Awoke by F.L. who came ― 3.30 ― or 4 ― but odiously ― that good very fooliz Genl. Rawdon also, the Lord help him ― he is a great Ass! ―

Frank however ― outstaid him.

And later, came J. Edwards: ― I prevent all talk of Miss L. as far as I can: conscious that a straight-a-head line of life for the present, is best for J.E. without future dreams.

At 7½ at E. Drummond’s. Only Mrs. D. there: ― sweet sad faced ― natural & charming mannered, ― & good altogether is that little Lady. They are both really kindly nice people. ―

Raw, horrid cold. ―

A dark & do-nothing day.

Letter from C. Church; W.F. Gibbs: ― & others.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Lear has drawn a box around the printed words at the top of the page and connected it to this point. []