A dull cold day early ― barely light at 12.30. Afterwards, fine. Unwell all day ― chilled from that damp place last night, ― perhaps it is that I am obliged to work in a fireless room, the smoky chimney forbidding firelighting. ― Worked at Interlaken, but I don’t know if well or ill: ― anyhow I gave it up, & resolved to make some calls before going to Ann.

So I walked out at 3.20 ― cross enough.

Through many places where many hours were past in other days.


Then to Woolners. That visit was not satisfactory, in asmuch as W. was crosser nor I ― & very tangly. O bother art!

So I came away ― rather blessing myself. ― But then I called on the Tunallys ― & the slow=grinding vulgarity of that phase of life riled me more than ever.

Whereon I came to Dalzell’s, & gave the 2 nonsenses to woodcut, ― & thence, all the way to Holloway, & Stonefield Street by 6.10.

Ann ― dear Ann so old! ――

& Sarah ― quieter.

This evening was passed  really pleasantly. The talk of N. Zealand ― & my nephew &c. &c. &c. all very straight & true & right.

Left at 10. ―

Omnibus ― horrors ― & bore.

Home by 11.

Φαὶνεται,1 that Henry has written to Ellen, since W.N.’s death ― with sudden affection ― naming his son’s, & daughters, & their ages. Daughter, (now, only one,) (Mrs. []2, Titus,) & 4 sons, youngest 16.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. It seems (NB). []
  2. A blot makes the surname unreadable. []