Cold thaw ― & foggy. Looked over drawings ― μάλλον, Ἀμπρουζζικὰ,1 ― till 12.30. Cab to Woodberry.

All the family except GeoffMiss Robinson also, & Dearlove.

Day pleasant, but there seems trouble ahead with Willie, who has left the rifles, & seems indisposed to everything. Dearlove is a nice & healthy-minded fellow, & I wish he were there all the holidays. Ralph is clever & good. ―

Allan is good ― but I can’t see what he will be yet, ― best that he is alone. Mary is a darling child. Guy clever & spoiled. ― Hugh ― φοβοῦμαι!2

At 8, was sent to Portland Place in the Brougham: cab home.

£1.0.0 to Allan.
.4.0 cab & turnpikes
.2.0 to coachman


1.6.0 days higspences.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Rather, [the] Abruzzi [sketches] (NB, guessing since Ἀμπρουζζικὰ does not exist in modern Greek). []
  2. I’m afraid (NB). []