Very calm & fine all day ― & a wonderful sunset.

Rose at 7.15. ― Arranged to go on with Interlaken.

Letters from Ann, Foord, & Lady Bethell.

No newspapers. ― Wrote a letter to Sir R.B. ― asking him to mention the 2 Palestine pictures to Rothschild, ― but did not send τοῦτο τὶ γρᾶμμα.1

At 12 came Mrs. DavidsonLady Montefiore’s sister, a singularly handsome elderly lady: ― she came with Miss Dent & an attendant ― gonfiata senza dubbio.2

Very pleasant & kind & ‘courteous:’ but wholly without observation. She sate herself opposite the Cedars ― & looked at them barely once, then turned & said ―Do you take portraits? ― & then talked of her 6 sons. I showed her “Jerusalem” ― & she said, ah! ― oh ― yes ― & talked on as before.

When she went I worked at Interlaken. But at 3 came Mr. Sayer ― & I fancy wishing to come here ― odd enough. Mrs. S. Mrs. Shakespear & Ida are all unwell. ― At 4.30 I walked to Weybridge Station with him. Dined alone: penned out.

Reading ― “What will he do with it?” ―

μὲ πολὺν ἐυχαρίζησιν3


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. This letter (NB). []
  2. Blown up, no doubt. []
  3. With great pleasure. []