Rose at 8. Cold here ― but clear & dry: & I am not unwell.

Ghosts nil ― tho I do confess to somewhat queer & weird in the place, ― perhaps from knowing that so many of the inmates believe in the place being haunted. The coincidences are odd enough ― anyhow. ― The butler & so many of the servants declaring about the sigh & groan ― & the former, that a “form” passed him on the low stairs near the hall: ― under which 2 months afterwards ― (this is 20 years back,) a skeleton was really found. It is evident Miss M.A.C.M. fully believes in all. ― It is ˇ[also] as evident that the mention of M.A.C. coupled with Byron’s ― is unpleasing to the C.M.’s: ― as it appears to have been to old M. & M.A.C. herself ― as bringing her name into notorious connexion with lord B.’s: & not very unnaturally so. ―

After breakfast (church in afternoon,) C.M.P.H. & I walked out. First, however, C.M. paid me my 140£ ― very nicely & kindly: & there is no doubt he is a kindly fellow ― only ― ἀς στέκη, ὁμοῦ, ἀς συμβουλεύη ἀπό τὴν γυναῖκα:1 for she is wonderfully good & wise too. ―

We 3 went to see Beagles ― & Hounds ― pigs, oxen & all kinds of creatures, till I waxed cold; ― then we walked to the “Diadem hill,”2 & down to the water & the Deer park, & saw Horses, ― & Tinker the [old] dog was beaten for rabbit chasing. ― Returned by 2 & changed dress ― & packed. Lunch. 2.45 Church: the same old triangular pew with a fire in: Mr. Twizell, who preached a very foolish discourse, ― in some matters. ― Ποι ― home by 4.30 & we all walked in the garden ― except that delightful Miss Hammond who had a cold. Yet few women I ever saw are to compare to Mrs. C. Musters ― whether for nice dress, good looks, perfect Lady manners, good strong sense, good taste, ― natural fun & liveliness & naivete ― & yet withal a constant halo of religious purity. ―― Later, played with their boy, a darling little chap:3 ― then sang ― but, while singing his last song, the Dog cart was announced. So I fled abrupt: ― a kindly lot indeed. “Come whenever you wish & as often as you can.” ― It was dark as we drove down to the station ― & I waited there for 30 minutes: a sad [cutting] worry empty feeling depressing me. All the stations in turn, at Nottingham by 6.45. ― George Inn. Good [continues at the bottom of the next page:] dinner. German waiter, X1.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Nina writes: “I guess he means ‘let him stand by the woman and take advice from her.’” []
  2. … the hill
    Was crown’d with a peculiar diadem
    Of trees, in circular array, so fix’d,
    Not by the sport of  nature, but of man

    Byron, “The Dream.” []

  3. If this is John Patricius Chaworth-Musters (1860-1921) he must have been very young indeed. []