Fine all day. The 3 AT songs=proofs, came. ― Worked at Musters Interlaken, & finished it at 1 ― or 2 P.M. Took it to Foords, & sent for the men to place the Nunehams in their case, ― wh. was done, & at 4 I took them to the Rail. 5.30 at Strawberry ― Lady W. very much pleased with them. Only C.F. & Sir H. Willoughby guests. ― All to dine ― o! botheration ― at Orleans House ― so at 8 we went there. Dinner party ― the Duke & Duchess ― & young Prince de Condé: ― Lady of honour, Tutor, Marquis de Somebody & son. Dinner good, but an awful bore to me ― who can’t bear royalty life. Queer enough that I should dine with the Princess of Salerno’s daughter, remembering the days of John Wynn ― & J. Battersby. It has an odd effect to sit among people so removed in history & feeling from one’s own place of life ― & to feel that all the most remarkable points of the French past are linked with them: ― Enghien, Guise, ― Condés ― & all Bourbonisms. They do not forego royal ways ― nondimeno.1 Afterwards saw some very valuable miniatures, from Francis 1st downwards. Louis 14 ― 15 &c. & Louis Philippe at 12: ― with the Prince of Salerno as a naked Cupid of 3! DelaRoche’s murder of the Duc de Guise ― & Gerome’s Duel ― & a Lumi are striking pictures, with Scheffer’s last work, The Queen of the French’s portrait. But I grew “very weary” ― & was too glad to talk to Sir H. Willoughby ― [&]2 came away at 10.30.

C.F. sate with me afterwards, till 11.15.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Nevertheless. []
  2. Blotted. []