Rose at 7.

Baalbek ― Musters’s, is nearly done.

Letters from F.L. ―― E. Drummond. ― Lady Reid. J. Edwards ― &c. all requiring answers. ―

Tried to work at the everlasting Musterisms ― but could not. Gave it up. & at 1 walked to Walton ― calling in at Lyles, & arranging things to move away. The C. Lushingtons were “out:” ― & then I called on the J. Lewis’s. In half an hour I was all cayenne ― that vulgar sneezing snow is so utterly horrid ― & the more from the contrast with that sweet woman. Certainly, knowledge & general superiority of talent never wore as unamiable a form as in John Lewis! ― Of Daddy Hunt he spoke most odiously ― doubting the price of his picture ― (till I was positive about it,) & lessening him before Millais’ ― & vilifying some of his works ― the whole secret of all being that he knows at 60 he is not Daddy’s equal who is 32. ― I came away angry ― but sorry for poor Mrs. J.L. ― Thence I went to Hewitsons, who, in his lawn, & with his plants, is pleasant. ― & I am very glad to have known him, albeit he thinks very little of my poor Cedars ― & haply is right. ― I packed all my things & resolved to go ― for there are various things rile me here: ― so at 4 or 5 I was ready to start. And then came a note from Gussie B. saying they are off to Brighton ―― so I am here nailed for 3 days. With lots of notes ― C.F. J.B.E. ― Ann, Dickenson &c. ― at 5 walked to the Common & up & down till 6. ― Dined at Table d’hôte: sate by Lee & J. Raleigh: ― a really nice pleasant clever youth. I suppose indeed that it would not be common to find so many people at a table d’hôte so “far from unpleasant.” ― Gradually I have become less “irritable.” ――

Worked from 8½ to 9½. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]