X5 ― Which is grievous: ― μὰ πῶς1 regulate all things ― body ― mind ― soul? ――

Rose late 7. ― Breakfast 9. ― Letters from E.T., J.B. Edwards ― & W. Holman Hunt, the latter to say he would come by 1st train. But he didn’t, so I thought he had gone to church at Walton. So I sate & talked to Messrs. Cruise, ― Reid, & Cooper.

At 12.30 W.H.H. turned up ― kind fellow: he had missed the train ― 9.20 ― & waited an hour at the Vauxhall station ― & then came on to Hampton Court, where he had walked. ― After he had lunched, we went to Lyles ― & the Cedars, & he gave me lots of help with the picture. Then we went to Hewitson’s ― & afterwards, walked up to St. George’s Hill ― very fine long flat views.

Back by 6. (Discourse of Mrs. [Hudet],) ― & her queer ways. No doubt, daddy is wonderfully good.)

Dinner far from unpleasant, ――― & at 8.20 Daddy went off.

He is, as he ever is, ― quite unselfish to come so far for me. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. But how to (NB). []